Wednesday, August 25, 2010

hp dv9000

i got my hp pavilion 9000, back in 2008. The first few month i didn't have any problem with it. However the hard drive died 3 month later. I called hp and under the warranty they said they would replace the hard drive. I sent my laptop/notebook to hp and got it back a week later the work order said that it wasn't changed just recovered. a few weeks later the hard drive died again. this happened for almost a two years. In 2009 i found out my battery was on recall. I called hp with overheating problems before. Now i knew why it was overheating, how ever hp refused to exchange it. Later in 2010 they told me to send them the laptop/notebook and they would fix all the problems. I sent it to them. how ever that didn't happened. I got it back with more problems then it had before. DVD/CD drive didn't work, and It was freezing up. so i contacted hp and they had me send it back to them. when i got it back 3weeks later and its missing parts.



To be continued
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  1. Sorry about your computer! I can't remember my password for FB, and won't get my computer until Saturday. So...I'll find out my password then. :P

    I'm getting Dad's laptop as he bought himself a new one. Then, hopefully, in February, I'll be able to rebuild my desktop computer with speed and all almost top of the line parts.
    My blog here is

    Talk Later!

  2. HP has been ranked highly for their computers. This is very unusual. I'd call them and escalate the phone call to a supervisor, because one of their employees needs to be fired. It appears that a Techie or two needs to be fired! :P

    Best wishes on that!