Friday, August 27, 2010


Just as soon as i got my notebook /laptop from what should have been a repair. I opened the box and took it out of the box and look at it over the first thing i found were the missing an damaged stickers with the info. from the laptop. then the dvd/cd drive that was partly broken out an damaged. an the damaged screws on the case. I called Hp immidiatly. however the the first person to pickup was some guy who didn't know much English. he accused me of beingva female an hung up. the second time some guy put me on a 3 hour hold and then hung up. on that day i spent an average of 12 hours attempting to call hp and getting transfers over to tech support people who were bias of females or just didn't feel like talking finally i got trough in the middle of the night. When the guy asked me my s/n said ----w-- he kept putting in five for W how hard is it to tell the difference between a five and a w? so i requested to speak with manager. and was told i couldn't. so the guy just hung up. i called again and was finally told that i could and he would call me at about nine in the morning, the problem with my hp was not solved. about 13hours of my life wasted
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