Sunday, September 5, 2010

hp-dv900-6 before and after..

As some of the pictures were not exactly meant to show the condition, there were taken right before i sent it to HP.
the DVD drive was there.

the stickers were there, and there weren't any cracks near the lock or and scratches.

this is after i got my laptop back...

the scratches are on the case and there is a crack near the lock and the stickers on the top were removed. Also the microsoft sticker was damaged, which is shown bellow.

the DVD/CD drive what heppened with that?

Thursday, September 2, 2010


HP rep. called yesterday, as usual not very respectful and not answering anything. so spent another hour on be phone. with him torturing me to pay them. Well they take so much time without any solutions, that by this time they should pay me. for my time and my phone bill. I asked him to talk to someone like manager or someone above him. he refused to forward the call. and didn't give us any information. He just took his time to say that everything is the way it was. he never said what happened to the case. why all the stickers are missing. or why screws were damaged. well that was another 2hours wasted on the phone. and no answer.
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