Friday, August 27, 2010


so finally, a guy claiming to be the manager called. Refusing to listen to anything i had to say. He begun saying how everything was my fault. Even if they had it more then i did. And were the last ones to have it, before i got it back in this condition. he wasn't very respectful. and by the middle begun to yell at me. then he proclaim loudly that i was the one yelling at him. I ask him not to yell calmly. and that didn't work. so i asked him if he would prefer to talk with local police instead. as he was being bias and disrespectful almost like other tech support people. The only thin he would say over and over was. its your fault. you set it to us in this condition. when ever i replied that it wasn't he would interrupt and wouldn't allow me to talk. I honestly sent them the computer with working dvd/cd drive and as it was because of battery recall i honestly don't see why they needed full laptop, or why they have taken it apart and damaged the dvd/cd drive in the first place. when i got it back and discovered that dvd/cd wouldn't work i called hp. an they sent me another box and said it would be covered by warranty. So i sent it to them. When i got it back it seems like the dvd/cd drive was torn out. He refused to listen to any of this and continued on his own. you know we have lawyers here Right? he asked me. what does that have to do with anything that was said? i asked. well if you want proof we have pictures to prove it. I said fine email them to me. He hung up and i waited for a few minutes he did not email me anything related to my laptop.
I had someone else call a few minutes later. and he begun telling them how i was yelling at him and stuff like that. and even how i was threatening him. well after that conversation he emailed me the pictures. not exactly what i sent them. they had the laptop for a few days before they did any documentation so that gave them enough time to destroy it. i had the before pictures which show that laptop i sent had stickers on it. like the one informing users its a vista laptop. they also badly damaged to sticker on the bottom with Microsoft information. which is also not documented in hp pictures as that sticker there is still fully in place. OK i guess that shows something was done to my laptop. they had all of the numbers which means they could have contacted me and asked me before removing the stickers. the manager should have called again today. but so far he didn't. at least so or he seems to be ignoring the situation.
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